Seven Interesting Activities To Include Among The Things To Do In The Brainerd Lakes Area

Various locations all over the world have the potential for vacationing which can leave us with memories for a lifetime. As a travel enthusiast or just as an individual who wants to escape from the monotony of daily life, vacations signify a lot more than they appear to.

The things which make vacations memorable are destination shopping such as purchasing souvenirs and outdoor activities for fun such as sports and hiking. The following discussion would investigate and outline some of the appealing and worthwhile things to do in the Brainerd region that might just turn your holiday into an adventure.

  • The first mention in the list of things to do in the Brainerd lakes region is visiting one of two magnificent zoos that can be accessed only within a 30 mile radius. The two zoos are the Safari North Park in Brainerd and Pine Grove Zoo in Little Falls. Visitors could also extend their share of fun by visiting the Paul Bunyan’s Animal Land at Bemidji.
  • Summer is a great time for various programs and events that can appeal to art enthusiasts. While visiting Brainerd Lakes, tourists could make the most of events organized by Crossing Arts Alliance and The Franklin Art Center. Not only the adults but kids could also have a memorable experience at programs such as Art Camps.
  • Your vacation could also turn into a journey of knowledge through the history of trains. At The Northern Trackers Club located in Crosslake, visitors could find the depiction of the history and present-day scenario of railways and its contribution in the settlement and economic development of north-central Minnesota. The notable highlights of the museum include operating model railroad layouts, artifacts, interpretative displays, a half-scale replica of the William Crooks loco and cars.
  • Another interesting activity to do in the Brainerd lakes area is to explore the rich mining history of the region. A lot of these affect homes that require mine subsidence in the region, prompting upper level renovations. Tourists could visit the Croft Mine Historical Park which is established over 17 acres of the original Croft Mine. The park houses a museum as well as an interactive underground mine tour.
  • The bike trails as well as walking trails are also considered as notable mentions among the things to do in the Brainerd Lakes The most famous biking trails are the Paul Bunyan Trail and The Cuyuna Lakes Trail with the former being the longest bike trail in Minnesota measuring almost 120 miles.

The bike trails are paved and efforts are made consistently by authorities for promotion, creation and maintenance of paved bicycling trails. Among the walking trails, Heritage Trail and The Northland Arboretum are places which visitors should give a try.

  • The Crown Wing County Fair is one of the renowned summer attractions in the Brainerd Lakes region which was initiated as a platform for county residents to display their produce. This fair helps visitors in getting to know the rich agricultural heritage vested in Crown Wing County.

Other activities that could up the ante for visitors at Brainerd Lakes include music events such as Crosslake Outdoor Music Series at Crosslake Town Square, Lakes Jam, Iconic Music Fest and Bands in the Park. Do not forget to make the most of the opportunities provided by Stage North Theatre and Geritol Frolics to have the privilege of watching a live show.